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A few examples of published work. For a more comprehensive list of examples, please see the addendum.


Virtual spinal column. Used with neurosurgeons to plan angle of entry during spinal surgeries. Virtual models help to plot a route through translucsent bone and to avoid nerve tissue (green) and blood vessels (blue and red) by visualizing all of the components as they relate to each other.

Concept visualizations for a grant. The details of a complex, implantable device needed to be displayed as intuitively as possible in two figures. Quandary Studio worked with the client during the design phase to generate concept renderings throughout the development process.

Concept renderings of proposed interior for a commercial buildout project. Quandary Studio built the virtual space based on the architectural blueprints and worked closely with the designers to produce a faithful representation of the design with physically accurate lighting.

Spec work. a graphic illustration of a section of spine. intended for promotional documents to be distributed by a medical device company. Oblique view of two vertebra, including associated nerves and connective tissue.

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