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Here you can see Spec work, marketing work, published and unpublished data, Grant and fellowship figures, student work, outreach material, educational content, and data graphics. Note that many of these images are web optimized, and therefore not full resolution. Full resolution images are available upon request.

Quandary Studio has Expertise with several graphic and media tools, including 3D Studio Max, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and others. In addition, Quandary Studio is skilled in the use of scientific tools, including R and ImageJ, as well as several other proprietary software packages, such as big data tools like Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and DICOM viewers for medical images. We can move fluidly between them and present scientific, medical or other data in an engaging and clear way.


Upon request, we can keep precise notes to allow for reproducibility, if necessary. We are also able to present data in a way that is accessible to individuals with deuteranopia and other forms of color-blindness, or to manipulate existing images to be compatible in this way. We're Able to meet your publication guidelines for size and resolution.

In addition to the work presented here, Quandary Studio works with independent contractors, many of whom have impressive portfolios of their own. If you're interested in working with Quandary Studio, please visit the contact page.

Outreach, Education, Marketing and Spec Work

7 images

Data Visualization

15 images

Grants and Publications

13 images

Miscellaneous and Unpublished

16 images

Personal and Storyboard Artwork

18 images

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