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Virtual Reality

With virtual reality, you can physically walk through an architectural rendering, travel the globe in 360° video, or immerse yourself in a fully interactive, virtual world, giving you full control over user experience. There are so many possibilities that it may seem overwhelming, but Quandary Studio can be your partner through the process.

Quandary Studio debuts a virtual spine surgery at the North American Spine Surgery Conference in Boston, 2016. Surgeons learn the basics of a safe strategy for L5/S1 fusion.

Although most have heard of virtual reality by now, few have experienced it beyond an inexpensive phone approximation. No amount of text description can do justice to virtual reality. When you're face to face with a different world, it's a lived experience - one that does not translate well to text description. If you'd like to set up a time for Quandary Studio to bring virtual reality to you so you can see what it's capable of or to brainstorm some ideas for your business, please contact us.

QuandaryStudio Operates a booth at a "girls in STEM" event, sponsored by the USPTO. Girl scouts experience being a doctor in an operating room.

Virtual reality can do much more than deliver a message. Virtual reality has the power to build an entire experience, and can leave a far more powerful impression.


Virtual reality is still in its early days. While many understand the power of this technology, few understand what to do with it. You can be among the early adopters pioneering new uses for this experiential technology.

We can also set up and run live events for you, using off the shelf technology or custom scenarios we develop for you. If you'd like to inquire about this technology, assess your business to see if VR technology is a good fit for you, or just to brainstorm some ideas, please contact us!

Quandary Studio tech is demonstrated at the University of Colorado Medical Illustration Program. Quandary Studio uses the latest technology to improve science communication, medical imaging, and actively engages in research. If you're interested in collaborating, please contact us!

Quandary Studio also actively participates in research, such as the Delta Training project. With virtual reality, an experimenter is able to fully control every variable, and biometrics allow more in depth physiological recordings. These technologies can provide unprecedented insights into human behavior.

If you're interested in collaborating with Quandary Studio on a research project, please contact us!

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