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Aegis Spine has developed tools to facilitate a novel approach to spinal surgery. In order to quickly demonstrate their tools in action, we developed an animation that could be shown at conferences and on their website. Quandary studio developed the script and provided the voice for the video. We didn't include any virtual blood, but just fair warning, it is a depiction of a surgery!

TranS1's innovative new tool for harvesting bone graft for use in spinal fusion.

Dramatized animation of "optogenetics." Special, genetically engineered neurons respond to light and fire an action potential when they are illuminated with the right color of light. Part of an outreach campagin.

Concept animation showing the position of the hippocampus inside the brain, and the neural architecture within.

Logo animation used for a public outreach campaign for a ski resort under development in Michigan.

Spec work. A way of representing a multitude of diverse services under one umbrella was needed. we developed an animation that depicts several moving parts coalescing into A logo.

One of two animations describing "brain to brain communication." This first part utilizes EEG, a method of reading electrical activity generated by neurons during thought.

Part two of "brain to brain communication." This is the receiving end, and utilizes "transcranial magnetic stimulation," which generates magentic fields strong enough to stimulate neurons in the brain of the recipient.

Small, Silent animations intended to loop indefinitely in the background during talks at conferences and at display booths.

Accompanying animation, intended to show a very brief overview of a medical device. also intended play in the background during talks and at conference booths.

Animation that highlights the visual pathway in the human brain.

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