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Quandary Studio is a boutique concept studio based in Denver, Colorado. We provide concept renderings, animations and virtual reality for brand new startups, well established brands, and everyone in between.

We offer everything from individual, static renderings for print or web purposes all the way to fully composited animation sequences, and are able to work within just about any budget. We are also able to create custom virtual reality scenarios. These can include fully interactive, virtual environments, or 360 video. We're happy to answer any questions you may have regarding virtual reality and what technology might be more appropriate for your idea. Our projects are often lower than the industry standard, and have even been less than half of what you'll pay at a large firm.


We specialize in life science and medical animations, but our skilled and enthusiastic team is able to meet just about any challenge. Whether you need graphic illustrations targeted to an audience or motion graphics and medical illustrations with an eye for detail, we would be excited to help you cast your message in an engaging, aesthetically pleasing way. We can help you execute your vision or help you build your plan from scratch.


With as much as 50% of the human neocortex involved in visual processing, the visual component may be the most powerful tool in your arsenal! Virtual reality capitalizes on this for a new level of engagement. Please contact us if you'd like to have a discussion about whether your business is ready for this technology or would like to brainstorm some ideas!

Concept renderings and animations can also be a powerful tool to communicate any message. Instead of investing tens of thousands of dollars in a physical prototype, consider a concept rendering or animation to show off a new design to potential investors or customers.

About the Founder

Jonathon Keeney has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is well versed in genomics, IQ, social intelligence and emotional intelligence. His research has largely focused on the evolution of the human brain through genomic copy number variations and functional genomics.


Jonathon's background includes a substantial emphasis on fine arts and computer animation. He works with talented modelers and animators with diverse backgrounds, including established video game and visual media studios, such as Lego Studios, Disney, Backflip Studios, Idol Minds, and more.

Outside of Quandary Studio, Jonathon serves as a Technical Specialist for Rocky Mountain Patent, a contributing author at Inverse, and as a volunteer tutor for a low income school in Colorado. He enjoys hoppy beer, cartoons, and humans.

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